Get a Specific Container

Base URL:


GET /api/atlas/v1.0/groups/{GROUP-ID}/containers/{CONTAINER-ID}

Request Path Parameters

Parameter Required/Optional Description
GROUP-ID Required. The unique identifier for the group whose container you want to retrieve.
CONTAINER-ID Required. The identifier for the container.

Request Query Parameters

Field Required/Optional Description
envelope Optional. A boolean that specifies whether or not to wrap the response in an envelope.

Request Body Parameters

This endpoint does not use HTTP request body parameters.

Response Elements

Field Description
id The container ID.
providerName The Cloud Services provider name; i.e. AWS.
atlasCidrBlock The Atlas CIDR block.
regionName AWS region.
vpcId The ID of the group’s VPC.
isProvisioned Flag that indicates if the group has clusters deployed in the VPC.

Example Request

curl -X GET -u 'username:apiKey' --digest ""

Example Response

   "atlasCidrBlock" : "",
   "id" : "1112222b3bf99403840e8934",
   "providerName" : "AWS",
   "provisioned" : true,
   "regionName" : "US_EAST_1",
   "vpcId" : "vpc-zz0zzzzz"