Shared Tier Backups

Atlas takes daily snapshots of M2 and M5 shared-tier clusters. Atlas takes these snapshots automatically starting 24 hours after the time you create your cluster.


You must have the Project Owner role for an Atlas project to manage backup for the clusters in that project.

Atlas always takes M2 and M5 snapshots from a secondary node to minimize performance impact.

Atlas retains the last 8 daily snapshots which you can download or restore to an Atlas cluster.

Atlas stores M2 and M5 cluster snapshots as per the following table:

Cluster Location
Snapshot Storage Location
Hong Kong
India, Singapore, Taiwan
All other cluster locations

Atlas displays existing snapshots on the Snapshots page. To view your snapshots:

  1. From the Clusters view, click the cluster name.
  2. Click the Backup tab.

Atlas displays existing snapshots in the All Daily Snapshots table. From this table, you can restore or download your existing snapshots.

  • Custom policies are not supported for M2 and M5 cluster snapshots. Atlas always takes a single daily snapshot at the same time, starting 24 hours after the cluster was created.

    If you require finer-grained backups, consider upgrading to an M10 or larger cluster tier.

  • On-demand snapshots are not supported for M2 and M5 clusters.
  • You can't restore M2 and M5 snapshots to a sharded cluster. You can only restore M2 and M5 snapshots to replica sets.
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