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Configure Atlas API Access

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  • Organization API Keys
  • Manage Organization API Keys
  • Manage API Key Access to a Project
  • API Resource Request Access Lists
  • Use API Resources that Require an Access List
  • Require an API Access List for All Requests

To access the Atlas API, generate an API key for your organization.

Organization API keys aren't associated with user credentials and can't log in to the Atlas console.

You can limit the locations from which API requests can be made.

Organization API keys have two parts: a Public Key and a Private Key. You can't use an API key to log into Atlas through its console.

All API keys belong to the organization. You can give an API key access to a project.

Required Permissions

To perform any of the following actions, you must have the Project Owner role.

Atlas allows your API key to make requests from any address on the internet. Atlas has some exceptions to this rule. These exceptions limit which resources an API key can use without location-based limits.

To add these location-based limits to your API key, create an API Access List. This list limits the internet addresses from which a specific API key to make API requests.

Any API keys with an API access list require all API requests to come from an IP address on that list. Your API access list must include entries for all clients that use the API.

The following API resources require an API access list:

Create or remove an organization API key access list entry.

Take or remove one cloud backup snapshot.

You can require all API requests from an API key to come from an entry on its API access list. If you require API access lists, API keys can't make any API requests until you define at least one API access list entry.

To set your organization to require API access lists for every API key:

  1. If it is not already displayed, select your desired organization from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Organization Settings icon next to the Organizations menu.
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