Get All Organizations

The Atlas API uses HTTP Digest Authentication. Provide your Atlas username and group API key as the username and password when constructing the HTTP request.

For complete documentation on configuring API access for an Atlas group, see Configure Atlas API Access.

Base URL:


GET /api/atlas/v1.0/orgs/

Request Path Parameters

Field Required/Optional Description
pageNum Optional.

The page to return.

Defaults to 1.

itemsPerPage Optional.

Maximum number of items to return per page.

Defaults to 100.

envelope Optional.

A boolean that specifies whether or not to wrap the response in an envelope.

Defaults to false.

pretty Optional.

A boolean that specifies whether or not to return a “pretty-printed” JSON document.

Defaults to false.


If you set the query element envelope to true, the response is wrapped by the content object.

The HTTP response returns a JSON document that includes the following objects:


An array of documents, each representing one Atlas or MongoDB Cloud Manager organization that the specified Atlas user has access to.

Name Description
id The unique identifier of the organization.
name The name of the organization.


The total number of items in the result set. This value may be higher than the number of objects in the results array if the entire result set is paginated.

Example Request

curl --include --user "username:apiKey" \
  --digest ""

Example Response

  "links" : [
       "href" : "",
       "rel" : "self"
  "results" : [
       "id" : "5a2add1cfd9f3cfb17053317",
       "name" : "Internal Application Support"
       "id" : "5a2add1cfd9f3cfb17053318",
       "name" : "Customer Application Support"
       "id" : "5a2add1cfd9f3cfb17053319",
       "name" : "Research and Development"
  "totalCount" : 3