Maintenance Windows

The maintenanceWindow resource provides access to retrieve or update the current Atlas project maintenance window. To learn more about Maintenance Windows, see the Set Preferred Cluster Maintenance Start Time setting on the View/Modify Project Settings page.

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Atlas performs maintenance the same way as the manual maintenance procedure. This requires at least one replica set election during the maintenance window per replica set.

You can defer a scheduled maintenance event for a project up to two times. Deferred maintenance events occur during your preferred maintenance window exactly one week after the previously scheduled date and time.

Base URL:

GET/groups/{GROUP-ID}/maintenanceWindowGet the current user-defined maintenance window for the given project.
PATCH/groups/{GROUP-ID}/maintenanceWindowUpdate the current maintenance window for the given project.
POST/groups/{GROUP-ID}/maintenanceWindow/deferDefer maintenance for the given project for one week.
DELETE/groups/{GROUP-ID}/maintenanceWindowClear the current maintenance window for the given project.
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