Cloud Backup


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {GROUP-ID} is the same as your project ID. For existing groups, your group/project ID remains the same. The resource and corresponding endpoints use the term groups.

Cloud Backups Only

This resource only applies to clusters using Cloud Backups.

The /backup/snapshots resource enables you to view and delete Cloud Backups.


Base URL:

Method Endpoint Description
GET /groups/{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{CLUSTER-NAME}/backup/snapshots Get all Cloud Backups for the specified cluster.
GET /groups/{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{CLUSTER-NAME}/backup/snapshots/{SNAPSHOT-ID} Get the snapshot associated with {SNAPSHOT-ID}
DELETE /groups/{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{CLUSTER-NAME}/backup/snapshots/{SNAPSHOT-ID}

Delete the snapshot associated with {SNAPSHOT-ID}

All requests to this endpoint must originate from an IP address in the organization’s API access list.

POST /groups/{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{CLUSTER-NAME}/backup/snapshots Take an on-demand snapshot.