What’s New in Atlas

  • Support for using Azure KeyVault when configuring Encryption at Rest using your Key Management.

  • Data Explorer is now available for M0/M2/M5 clusters.

  • Release mongomirror 0.4.1 which fixes an issue with installation on certain Windows hosts.

  • Support for deploying Atlas clusters in the Google Cloud Platform Montréal, Canada and Netherlands regions.

  • Support for deploying M10+ clusters with MongoDB 4.0.

  • Support for LDAP User Authentication and Authorization and Encryption at Rest via customer KMS Advanced Security for Atlas projects and clusters.

  • Support for deploying Global Clusters. Global Clusters support location-aware read and write operations for globally distributed application instances and clients.

  • Support for deploying M0/M2/M5 clusters in additional Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform regions:

    Cloud Provider Region M0 M2/M5
    AWS Singapore check square icon check square icon
    AWS Mumbai check square icon check square icon
    GCP US Central check square icon check square icon
    GCP Belgium check square icon check square icon
    GCP Singapore check square icon  
  • Support for Cloud Provider Snapshots of Amazon Web Services and Azure backed replica sets .