Real Time


Atlas supports Real Time metrics for mongod or mongos processes and replica set clusters. For sharded clusters, you can view Real Time metrics for each shard replica set. You must have the Project Owner Atlas user role to access the Real Time tab.

To view Real Time metrics for a specific Atlas cluster in a project, click the Metrics button for that cluster. Alternatively, click on the name of the cluster to open the cluster overview, then click the Metrics tab. From the Metrics tab, click Real Time to open the Real-Time Performance Panel. Monitoring metrics in real-time allows you to respond to time-critical issues right aways.

Monitor cluster metrics to identify performance issues and determine whether your current cluster tier meets your requirements.

For complete documentation on the Atlas real time metrics, see Real-Time Performance Panel.

Monitoring Data Storage Granularity

Atlas stores metrics data at increasing granularity levels. For more information, see Monitoring Data Storage Granularity.

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