Whitelist Your Connection IP Address

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An IP address is a unique numeric identifier for a device connecting to a network. In Atlas, you can only connect to a cluster from a trusted IP address. Within Atlas, you can create a list of trusted IP addresses, referred to as a whitelist, that can be used to connect to your cluster and access your data.


You must add your IP address to the whitelist before you can connect to your cluster. To add your IP address to the whitelist:


Open the Connect dialog.

From your Clusters view, click the Connect button for your cluster.

Screenshot highlighting cluster connect button.

Configure your whitelist entry.

In the Whitelist your connection IP address step, click Add Your Current IP Address.

Screenshot of adding IP address to whitelist.

Click Add IP Address.

Screeenshot of adding a new whitelist entry.

See also

For information on configuring additional whitelist entries in your project, see Configure Whitelist Entries.

Next steps

Now that you added your connection IP address to the whitelist, proceed to Create a Database User for Your Cluster.