View All Clusters

The All Clusters view displays all clusters to which the user belongs.

Access All Clusters View

Access the All Clusters view by clicking on the Clusters link at the top left corner of Atlas.

In the search box, you can enter the organization name, project name, or cluster name to search for specific organizations, projects, or clusters.

You can also use the dropdowns to filter the displayed list by Availability, cluster Type, MongoDB Version, and Configuration settings.


By default, clusters without any contact with Atlas for the last 6 months are not displayed. To display these clusters, click Show Inactive Clusters.

Cluster Details

The All Clusters view displays the clusters by Organization/Projects.

The view displays the following information for the cluster:

Field Description
Name The name of the cluster.
Version MongoDB Version of the cluster.
Data Size Size of the cluster data.
Nodes Number of nodes in the cluster.
Backup Backup enabled status.
SSL SSL enabled status.
Auth Authentication required status.
Alerts Number of open alerts.