Atlas Access


To access Atlas, you must have an Atlas user account. If you are an existing MongoDB Cloud Manager user, you can use your Cloud Manager credentials.

To access an organization or a project within that organization, a user must be a member of that organization. Depending on the user’s role in the organization, the Atlas user may be required to be a member of the project as well to access a project.

To access clusters in a project, users must belong to that project. Users can belong to multiple projects.

Within an organization, you can group users into teams. Users can belong multiple teams. Teams can be assigned to multiple projects, and team members’ access to the project is determined by the team’s project role.


Atlas users are separate from database users. Database users can access MongoDB databases, while Atlas users can access the Atlas application itself.

Programmatic Access to Organizations and Projects

Required Permissions

To manage API Keys for an Organization, you must have the Organization Owner role.

To manage API Keys for a Project, you must have the Project User Admin role.

To learn how to manage programmatic access to an Organization or Project using API keys, see: