Create a System DSN

The following steps describe how to create a system Data Source Name (DSN) for the BI Connector for Atlas. A DSN is a saved configuration which describes a database connection to be used by an ODBC driver. Once the DSN is created, you can configure a wide range of SQL clients and BI tools to use the DSN and import data from MongoDB.

Before creating a DSN, you should:


Choose the program version (64-bit or 32-bit) which is appropriate for your system and ODBC driver version.

Screenshot of the Windows ODBC Administrator application

Select either the MongoDB ODBC 1.1.0 ANSI Driver or the MongoDB ODBC 1.1.0 Unicode Driver, then click OK.


ANSI ODBC/Connectors offer better performance but have a limited character set. Unicode ODBC/Connectors support a wider character set but may be less performant.


Click the Details button to expose the lower half of the form.

The following form fields are required:

Field Name
Data Source Name
A name of your choice.
TCP/IP Server
The hostname specified in the Atlas connect dialog.
The IANA port number specified in the Atlas connect dialog. The default is 27015.
The name of the database to which you want to connect.

Enter either the user specified in the Atlas connect dialog or another database user with access to the database.

The user is specified in the following format:


where the <database-name> is the authentication database for the user. If admin is the authentication database, you can omit ?source=<database-name>.

  • If you are using Username and Password (SCRAM-SHA-1) authentication, the expected authenticating database is admin.
  • If you are using LDAP (PLAIN) authentication, the expected authenticating database is $external:



The password that corresponds to the specified User.

If the connection is successful, click OK to add the DSN. If the connection fails, check to make sure your database user is correctly authenticated for the database named in the connection.

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