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Tutorial: Create a New Cluster

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a new Atlas cluster. To learn how to modify an existing Atlas cluster, see Modify a Cluster.

Atlas-managed MongoDB deployments, or “clusters”, can be either a replica set or a sharded cluster. This tutorial walks you through creating a replica set.



Select the project in which to deploy your cluster.

Click the Context drop down in the top left corner to select the project in which to deploy your cluster.

Context dropdown

For more information on creating and managing organizations and projects, see Organizations and Projects.


Open the Create New Cluster Dialog.

Navigate to the Clusters view and click the Build a New Cluster button to display the Create New Cluster dialog.

New cluster button

(Optional) Configure Global Cluster Options.

To configure a Global Cluster, click Global Cluster Configuration at the top of the cluster form.

Screenshot of the Atlas Global Writes Dialog


Atlas only supports global write operations on clusters of tier M30 and greater.


Select your preferred Cloud Provider & Region.

The choice of cloud provider and region affects the configuration options for the available cluster tiers, network latency for clients accessing your cluster, the geographic location of the nodes in your cluster, and the cost of running the cluster.

Image showing the Cloud Provider region selection.

For details, see Cloud Providers and Regions.

From the Cloud Provider & Region section, you can also configure Multi-Region, Workload Isolation, and Replication Options.


Select the Cluster Tier.

The selected tier dictates the memory, storage, and IOPS specification for each data-bearing server [1] in the cluster.

Image showing the cluster tier selection.

For details, see Cluster Tier.

From the Cluster Tier section, you can also:


Enter the Cluster Name.

This is the cluster name as it appears in Atlas. You cannot change the cluster name once Atlas deploys the cluster.

Name cluster input

Deploy your Cluster.

Click Create Cluster below the form to deploy your cluster.


Each Atlas project supports up to 25 clusters. Please contact Atlas support for questions or assistance regarding the cluster limit. To contact support, select Support from the left-hand navigation bar of the Atlas UI.

[1](1, 2) For replica sets, the data-bearing servers are the servers hosting the replica set nodes. For sharded clusters, the data-bearing servers are the servers hosting the shards. For sharded clusters, Atlas also deploys servers for the config servers; these are charged at a rate separate from the cluster costs.
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