Create a Database User for Your Cluster

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You must create a database user to access your cluster. For security purposes, Atlas requires clients to authenticate as MongoDB database users to access clusters.

Database users are separate from Atlas users:

  • Database users can access databases hosted in Atlas.
  • Atlas users can log into Atlas but do not have access to MongoDB databases.


To add a database user to your cluster:


Open the Connect dialog.

From your Clusters view, click the Connect button for your cluster.

Screenshot highlighting cluster connect button.

In the Create a MongoDB User step of the dialog, enter a Username and a Password for your database user.

You’ll use this username and password combination to access data on your cluster.

Screeenshot of adding new user information.


If your password contains special characters, you will need to encode them. For more information, see Special characters in connection string password.


Click Create MongoDB User.

Screenshot of creating new user.

See also

For information on configuring additional database users on your cluster, see Configure Database Users.

Next steps

Now that you have a database user for your cluster, proceed to Connect to Your Cluster.