Connect from Tableau Desktop (Windows)

For M10+ clusters that have enabled the Atlas BI Connector, the Connect dialog provides the details to connect via the Atlas BI Connector.

Screeenshot of the Atlas BI connection dialog.

The Atlas BI Connector is only available for M10+ clusters.

Connect from Tableau Desktop


Start Tableau Desktop.


Connect to the Atlas BI Connector.

Select the MongoDB BI Connector as your Data Source for your Tableau book.

  1. From the left-hand navigation, under To a server, click More … and select MongoDB BI Connector.

  2. Enter the following fields:

    Field Action
    Server Enter the Hostname specified in the Atlas connect dialog.
    Port Enter the Port specified in the Atlas connect dialog.

    Enter either the user specified in the Atlas connect dialog or a different MongoDB user for the cluster.

    The user is specified in the format:


    where the <database-name> is the authentication database for the user.

    Password Enter the password corresponding to the entered User.
    Require SSL Leave unselected. Although unselected, all communications still occur over SSL as handled by ODBC.

    For example:

    Tableau Desktop MongoDB BI Connector Dialog.
  3. Click Sign In.


Click the Test button to test the ODBC connection.

If the connection is successful, select the Database and Table. If the connection fails, check the MongoDB user credentials and the IP whitelist.

Additional Reference

For more information on the MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence, see MongoDB Connector for BI Manual