View Organization Activity Feed

The Atlas Organization Activity Feed displays select events that occurred for a given Atlas organization.

View the Activity Feed

To view the Activity Feed for an Atlas organization:


Filter the Activity Feed to return the events you need.

The Activity Feed supports filtering activity in an Atlas organization based on activity, activity type, and activity date.

To filter by activity, click the Activity drop-down and select the activities you want to view:

Activity Returns
Charge Succeeded Lists successful invoice payments.
Invited to Org Lists users invited to the organization.
Invoice Closed Lists invoices closed after successful payment.
Joined Org Lists users who joined the organization.
Promo Code Applied Lists credits applied to the organization using an Atlas Promotional Code.
Removed from Org Lists users removed from the organization.
Support plan activated Lists support plans activated for the organization.
Support plan cancelled Lists support plans cancelled for the organization.

To filter by activity type, click the arrow next to Type and select the type of activity you want to view:

Activity Returns
Payment Lists all payment-related activities in the organization.
User Lists all user-related activities in the organization.
Billing Lists all billing-related activities in the organization.

Filter the Activity Feed

To filter by activity date, set the From or To date inputs to the required date range. Leaving From blank sets the lower date boundry to the organization’s creation date. Leaving To blank sets the upper date boundry to the current date.

Retrieve the Activity Feed

You can retrieve events for an organization using the Get All Organization Events API resource.