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The Atlas Organization Activity Feed displays select events that occurred for a given Atlas organization. Likewise, the Atlas Project Activity Feed displays select events that occurred for a given Atlas project.

To view and filter the Organization Activity Feed:

  1. If it is not already displayed, select your desired organization from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Activity Feed in the sidebar.

You can filter the organization activity feed by event type and time range. You can combine filtering methods together for greater control over the activity feed output.

Filter by event
Select the event categories or specific events you want to see from the activity feed. To exclude specific categories or events from the activity feed, click Select all categories and events, then deselect the categories and events you want to exclude.You can filter events based on the following categories:
AccessEvents related to Atlas users.
AgentEvents related to the MongoDB agent.
AlertsEvents related to alert configuration and monitoring.
AtlasEvents related to Online Archive.
Atlas Network and SecurityEvents related to authentication and MongoDB users.
AuditEvents related to stopping operations and modifying cluster data.
BackupEvents related to Atlas cluster backups.
BillingEvents related to payments and payment methods.
ChartsEvents related to MongoDB Charts tenants.
ClustersEvents related to sharded clusters, such as mongos events and shard management.
Data LakeEvents related to Atlas Datalake.
MaintenanceEvents related to maintenance windows and maintenance requests.
OthersMiscellaneous events, including log retrieval and BI Connector events.
ProjectsEvents related to Atlas projects.
SearchEvents related to Atlas Search.
Filter by time range
Select a Start Date and End Date to view events from within a specified time range. Once you have configured a time range, click Apply Dates to update the activity feed with the specified range.

You can retrieve events for an organization using the Get All Organization Events API resource.

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