Add Entries to the Whitelist

Atlas only allows client connections to the cluster from entries in the project’s whitelist. Each entry is either a single IP address, a CIDR-notated range of addresses, or if using VPC Peering, a Security Group associated with the peer VPC.

For Atlas clusters deployed on Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, add the IP addresses of your GCP or Azure services to Atlas project IP whitelist to grant those services access to the cluster.

The whitelist applies to all clusters in the project and can have up to 200 whitelist entries, with the following exception: projects with an existing sharded cluster created before August 25th, 2017 can have up to 100 whitelist entries.

To add an entry to the whitelist, from the Clusters view, select the Security tab, then click IP Whitelist, then Add IP Address.



Go to IP Whitelist view.

From the Clusters view, select the Security tab, then IP Whitelist.

Click Add IP Address.


Enter an IP address, CIDR block, or Security Group.


Ensure that you add the IP address you will use to access MongoDB as the admin user.

Enter the desired IP address or CIDR-notated range of addresses:

Entry Grants
An IP address Access from that address.
A CIDR-notated range of IP addresses

Access from the designated range of addresses.

For peer VPC connections, you can specify the CIDR block (or a subset) or the associated Security Group.

The Internet provides online tools for converting a range of IP addresses to CIDR, such as

Security Group (AWS Only) Access via Security Group membership for peer VPC connections.

Unrestricted access. All IP addresses have access to your project’s clusters.


For production clusters, avoid adding to the cluster’s whitelist as this can expose the cluster to denial of service attacks.


Click Save and Close.