Manage Atlas Users


To access Atlas, you must have an Atlas user account. If you are an existing MongoDB Cloud Manager user, you can use your Cloud Manager credentials.

To access clusters in a project, users must belong to that project. Users can belong to multiple projects.


When you add a user to a project, you also assign either the Owner or Read-only role to the user. The role determines the actions the user can perform. You can modify a role for an existing user. See Edit Users.

To assign or edit user roles in a project, you must have the Owner role in the project. The user who creates a project is automatically assigned Owner role.


Atlas users are separate from MongoDB users. MongoDB users can access MongoDB databases, while Atlas users can access the Atlas application itself.

Add Users


Click Users, then click Add User.


Enter the new user’s email address and role.

Field Description
Email (or JIRA username) Enter either the user’s email or a MongoDB JIRA username.

Select the role.

Available roles are:
  • Owner
    Full administration access
  • Read-only
    May only modify personal preferences

Click Add/Invite.

Existing Atlas users are added to the project immediately. If the email cannot be found, Atlas sends an email invitation to register.


If prompted, enter the two-factor verification code.


If prompted, click Send Email Invitation.

This step is only required when sending an invitation to an email address which does not exist in Atlas.

View Users

To view users, click Users.

Users are ordered by status. They appear in the following sequence:

  1. Users currently in your project.
  2. Users with pending invitations to join your project.
  3. Users requesting to join your project.

A user can request to join a project when first registering for Atlas.

View Invitations

When you invite a user to join a project, if the user exists in Atlas they are added to the project automatically. If the user does not exist in Atlas, Atlas sends an email invitation to join the project.

To view any unaccepted invitations, click Users. The invitee’s role appears as –invite sent–. To cancel an invitation, click Cancel Invite.

Remove Users


You cannot delete the last user in a project. You must instead close the project.

You cannot delete the last Owner remaining in the project. You must first assign the role to at least one other user before deleting the original user.


Click Users.


Click the target user’s gear icon and select Delete User.


Click Delete in the modal.

Edit Users

A user with the Owner role for the project can edit roles for existing users in the project.

To edit roles inside of Atlas:


Click Users.


Click the target user’s gear icon and select Edit User.


Select the appropriate role for the user.


Click Save.