Data Lake Changelog

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2019 Releases

17 September 2019 Release

  • Allows nested fields in partition definitions.
  • No longer enumerates directories on S3 when a single subdirectory containing all the partitions matching the query is identified.
  • Fixes an issue where the new storage configuration did not appear on the issuing connection after running setStorageConfig.

21 August 2019 Release

  • Adds support for the getLastError database command.
  • Supports $out aggregation pipeline stage to S3.
  • listIndexes now always returns an empty list.
  • Supports the XLSX file format.
  • Includes the correlation ID in query execution error messages.
  • Returns an error to the client when the cursor storage limit is reached.
  • Returns an error to the client on the last getMore if the cursor storage limit is exceeded.

30 July 2019

  • Supports listCommands. For example: db.runCommand({"listCommands": 1})
  • Includes partition size information in the output of explain().

08 July 2019

  • Returns the first batch of cursor results more quickly.
  • Improves performance of $lookup when combined with $unwind.
  • Automatically supports SCRAM-SHA-1 credentials without requiring drivers to specify this authentication mechanism.
  • Provides a descriptive error message when the file format is unknown.
  • Provides additional validation on setStorageConfig.

18 June 2019

Initial public beta release of Atlas Data Lake.