MongoDB Atlas Release Notes

2019 Releases

16 April 2019 Release

26 March 2019 Release

  • Atlas instances can re-use public IP addresses when replaced in the same region.
  • Can configure backup schedule and retention for Snapshots Backup.
  • AWS EC2 Capacity for all instance sizes in all regions and availability zones is visible via the Atlas Admin UI.

05 March 2019 Release

  • UX improvements to the cluster Connect modal.
  • Most server replacements get initial data from a disk snapshot of the primary instead of an initial sync.
  • Support for new shared tier regions:
    • AWS
      • eu-central-1 (M2/M5)
      • eu-west-1 (M0)
      • us-west-2 (M0)
    • Azure
      • northeurope (M0)
      • westus (M0/M2/M5)
  • Cloud Provider Snapshots for Geo-sharded clusters.

13 February 2019 Release

  • Supports Google Cloud Peering.
  • Introduces Analytics Nodes. These are similar to read-only nodes but this special node type makes use of replica set tags to let you target workloads to specific secondaries.
  • Support for AWS Stockholm region. With this region comes a new largest cluster instance size, M700.
  • Atlas on Azure 2.0.
    • M10, M80, and M200 instances are now supported in all regions. The M90 instance size is going to be removed shortly.
    • Pricing reductions in most regions.
    • All Azure instances have been migrated to latest generation hardware.

23 January 2019 Release

  • Optimizes safe cluster upgrades after failure (no user-facing components, internal Atlas planner optimizations).
  • Allows creation of API Keys that are scoped to an organization and are not tied to a human.
  • Credit cards will be authorized for a small amount ($1.00) to reduce the risk of failed charges.
  • Users can now remove themselves from a project.

01 January 2019 Release

  • Optimizes automated rollout to ensure that rollouts happen within 1 U.S. East business day for non-maintenance-window projects.
  • Provides more visibility to maintenance timing in the administration user interface.
  • Supports On-Demand Cloud Provider Snapshots.

2018 Releases

04 December 2018 Release

  • Allow users to set when they would prefer to start Atlas maintenance.
  • Support NVMe storage.
  • Create and manage custom roles for MongoDB database users.
  • Can peer across regions.
  • Improved speed of backup restores for Continuous Backup.

13 November 2018 Release

  • Improved the Cluster Connect experience.
  • Support for sharded clusters for Snapshot Backup in both AWS and Azure.
  • Support for new GCP regions:
    • Finland
    • Los Angeles
    • Hong Kong

24 October 2018 Release

  • Improved experience for connecting to cluster.
  • Can now set advanced configuration options when deploying the Business Intelligence Connector.
  • Can restrict MongoDB employee access to their Atlas servers.
  • Can use Snapshot Backups for sharded clusters AWS and Azure as private beta.
  • Can now create rolling indexes via Data Explorer.

04 October 2018 Release

  • Ability for Project Owners to disable the use of Data Explorer for their Project.

11 September 2018 Release

  • Encrypted Storage Engine available with Azure KeyVault integration
  • Data Explorer Available for Atlas Shared Tier (M0/M2/M5)
  • Public API: Ability to perform point in time automated restores
  • Send project alert notifications to organization members by role