Every document returned by a Full Text Search query is assigned a score based on relevance, and the documents included in a result set are returned in order from highest score to lowest.

Many factors can influence a document’s score, including:

  • The position of the search term in the document,
  • The frequency of occurrence of the search term in the document,
  • The type of operator the query uses,
  • The type of analyzer the query uses.

The score assigned to a returned document is part of the document’s metadata. You can include each returned document’s score along with the result set by using a $project stage in your aggregation pipeline. The following example query uses a $project stage to add a field named score to the returned documents:

    $searchBeta: {
      "search": {
        "query": "Helsinki",
        "path": "plot"
    $project: {
      plot: 1,
      title: 1,
      score: { $meta: "searchScore" }

More information about the Lucene scoring algorithm can be found in the Lucene documentation.