Edit a Full Text Search Index

You can change the index definition of an existing Full Text Search index. You cannot rename an index; if you need to change an index’s name, you must create a new index and delete the old one.


When you change the index definition of an Full Text Search index, the index must rebuild. You should avoid running queries against a Full Text Search index while it is building, as they may return incomplete results.

To rebuild an index without downtime:

  1. Create a copy of the index with a new name and the desired configuration.
  2. Update your queries to use the new index.
  3. Delete the old index.



Click the Collections button on your desired cluster


Select a namespace from the left-side panel

Select a database, then select a collection for your full text index.


Click the Full Text Search tab in the right-side panel


Click the Edit Index button


Edit the index

Enter the updated index definition in the modal window.

Screenshot of Edit a FTS Index modal window

Click the Apply Index Changes button

A few moments after the modal window closes the index’s status changes from Active to Building. Once the status returns to Active, the index is ready to use.