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Atlas Search release notes from prior to April 2020 can be found in the Atlas Changelog.

  • Adds support for synonyms, which can be defined in a source collection and mapped to search indexes via the Atlas API.
  • Adds stopword token filter for removing tokens that match the specified stop words.
  • Supports explain for $search queries.
  • Fixes an issue with highlighting raising errors when combined with ObjectID equality operators.
  • Improves performance of initial sync indexing.
  • Adds maxNumPassages and maxCharsToExamine for Highlighting.
  • Improves performance of steady state indexing.
  • Removes downtime requirement when rebuilding modified index definitions.
  • Adds a new index option to exclude the norms field, allowing a search index to ignore field length when scoring search results.
  • Adds the tokenOrder option to the autocomplete operator, supporting unordered terms in search queries.
  • Improves error messages to facilitate query debugging, including eliminating stack traces and other Java-specific messages.
  • Adds support for geospatial queries, including:

    • A new geo data type for indexing geographic point and shape coordinates.
    • Two new operators, geoWithin and geoShape, to support queries on geospatial data, such as points and polygons.
  • Adds autocomplete features to support better search-as-you-type functionality, including:

    • A new autocomplete operator and index type.
    • Analyzer-agnostic diacritic folding of field values.
    • Scoring options, such as boost and constant.
    • Compound queries that combine autocomplete with other $search operators.
    • n-grams/shingles and edge n-grams from analyzed text.
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  • 2021 Releases
  • 2020 Releases