Simple Analyzer

The simple analyzer divides text into searchable terms wherever it finds a non-letter character, such as whitespace or punctuation. It converts all terms to lower case.


The following example index definition specifies an index on the summary field using the simple analyzer:

  "mappings": {
    "fields": {
      "summary": {
        "type": "string",
        "analyzer": "lucene.simple"

Consider a collection named cases with the following documents:

{ "_id": 1, "summary": "No action required at this time." }
{ "_id": 2, "summary": "Case set aside for future action." }
{ "_id": 3, "summary": "Frank's case is ready for planning." }

The following query uses the index on the summary field:

     $search: {
       "term": {
         "query": "frank",
         "path": "summary"

The above query returns the following result:

{ "_id" : 3, "summary" : "Frank's case is ready for planning." }

The simple analyzer indexes Frank's case as [frank s case], so it matches on the search term frank.