Cloud Provider Snapshot Backup Policy


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {GROUP-ID} is the same as your project ID. For existing groups, your group/project ID remains the same. The resource and corresponding endpoints use the term groups.

Applies to Scheduled Cloud Provider Snapshots Only

This resource applies to:

The /backup/schedule resource enables you to view and modify the snapshot scheduling and retention settings for an Atlas cluster with Cloud Provider Snapshots enabled.

Base URL:


Method Endpoint Description
GET /groups/{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{CLUSTER-NAME}/backup/schedule Get the current snapshot schedule and retention settings for the cluster with {CLUSTER-NAME}.
PATCH /groups/{GROUP-ID}/clusters/{CLUSTER-NAME}/backup/schedule

Modify the snapshot schedule or retention settings for the cluster with {CLUSTER-NAME}.

All requests to this endpoint must originate from an IP address on the Atlas user’s API whitelist. For complete documentation on configuring API whitelists, see Enable API Whitelisting for Your Organization.