System CPU Usage

System CPU alerts indicate that the CPU usage of the MongoDB process has reached a specified threshold. This threshold is specified when the alert is created.

System: CPU (Steal) % is

Occurs when the CPU usage exceeds the guaranteed baseline CPU credit accumulation rate by the specified threshold. For more information on CPU credit accumulation, refer to the AWS documentation for Burstable Performance Instances.


The System: CPU (Steal) % is alert is applicable when the EC2 instance credit balance is exhausted. Atlas triggers this alert only for AWS EC2 instances that support Burstable Performance Instances. Currently, these are M10 and M20 cluster types.

System: CPU (User) % is
Occurs when the CPU usage of the MongoDB process, as normalized by the number of CPUs, exceeds the specified threshold.
  • Consider adding one or more indexes to improve query performance.
  • Consider upgrading your cluster to a higher tier to reduce the CPU usage percentage utilized by the current workload. For more information on upgrading a cluster, see Modify a Cluster.
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