Autopilot Mode for Performance Advisor

Autopilot mode for Performance Advisor periodically checks for index recommendations and automatically creates indexes deemed to have a high impact on cluster performance.

You can enable autopilot mode for your cluster if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Your cluster is running MongoDB 4.4.
  • Your cluster is between tiers M10 and M30 (inclusive).
  • Your cluster is not a sharded cluster.

Autopilot mode prioritizes creating indexes with the highest Impact score. Impact is the estimated performance improvement that the index would bring. To learn more about the Impact score and how the Performance Advisor ranks indexes, see Index Ranking in Performance Advisor.

Performance Advisor does not show individual index recommendations by default. Instead, Performance Advisor shows the number of index recommendations per impact level (high and medium). To view the individual indexes that the autopilot would create, click View Recommendations. Only high impact indexes are created automatically.

Autopilot mode is off by default. You can enable autopilot mode for your cluster through either the Atlas UI or Atlas API.

To enable autopilot mode for your cluster:

  1. Open Performance Advisor.
  2. In the Create Indexes panel, toggle Autopilot Mode to on.

Alternatively, if you click View Recommendations, you can enable autopilot mode from the individual recommendations view.

Once you enable autopilot mode, Atlas immediately begins creating high impact indexes if they are suggested.

Atlas sends an email alert when an index is automatically created. You can view automatically created indexes from the Data Explorer Indexes view. Data Explorer shows indexes created by autopilot mode with the Auto-Created property.

You can drop auto-created indexes as you would any other index. To drop an auto-created index, click the Drop Index button. If you drop an auto-created index, autopilot mode will not recreate that index. However, that index may still appear as a recommendation in the Performance Advisor.

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