Restore Archived Data

You can restore archived data archived to your Atlas cluster. You must use the $match and $out pipeline stages to get the archived data into a temporary collection and use the $merge to move the data back into the original collection.

This page describes how to restore using $match, $out, and $merge pipeline stages.


See Pause and Resume Archiving for more information.


See Connect to Online Archive for more information.


Use $match to identify the documents that match the criteria for restoring and use $out to Atlas to write the documents to a temporary collection on the Atlas cluster. For example:

{ $match: { $expr: { <aggregation expression> } } },
{ $out: {
"atlas": {
"projectId": "<atlas-project-ID>",
"clusterName": "<atlas-cluster-name>",
"db": "<atlas-database-name>",
"coll": "<atlas-collection-name"
} }
  1. Close the connection you opened in step 2 to your Atlas cluster and online archive.
  2. Connect to your Atlas cluster using the connection string.
  3. Use $merge to move the data from the temporary collection to the original collection. For example:

    $merge: {
    into: "<collection>",
    on: <identifier field>,
    whenMatched: "<replace|merge>",
    whenNotMatched: "<insert|discard|fail>"

See Delete an Online Archive for more information.

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