Edit an Archiving Rule


Online archive is available as a Beta feature. The feature and the corresponding documentation may change at any time during the Beta stage.

You can modify the number of days to keep data on the Atlas cluster, referred to as the the Age Limit in the archiving rule, from the Atlas UI and API.

Edit an Archiving Rule Through the UI

To edit an online archive, in your Atlas UI:


Click the ellipsis (...) in the Actions column for the online archive to display the list of allowed actions.

You can:

  • Pause Archive (only if state is Active)
  • Edit Archiving Rule
  • Delete Archive
  • Resume Archive (only if state is Paused)

Select Edit Archiving Rule from the ellipsis menu to display the Edit Archive Rule window.


Modify the number of days Atlas must keep data on the active Atlas cluster in the Enter a new age limit field and click Save.

Edit the Partition on the Cloud Object Store

You cannot modify the partition fields or structure from the Atlas UI or API. However, you can manually migrate the data from the cloud object storage using mongodump, delete the online archive, use mongorestore to restore the data on the Atlas cluster, and then create a new online archive for the collection with the desired partition fields and/or structure.

Edit an Archiving Rule Through the API

To edit an online archive through the API, send a PATCH request to the onlineArchives endpoint with the unique ID of the online archive to update. To learn more about the API syntax and options, see Update an Online Archive.