Monitoring and Alerts


Atlas provides the following ways to monitor your cluster’s performance.

Performance Metrics

Atlas collects and displays metrics on the state of your cluster’s databases and on server usage. Metrics provide an indication of when you must modify your database configuration or add server capacity. See Monitor a Cluster.


Atlas notifies you when your database operations or server usage reach thresholds that affect your cluster’s performance. See:

MongoDB Logs

Each mongod and mongos instance keeps an account of its activity in its own log file. Atlas retains the last five days of log messages for each instance in a cluster.


Free Tier (M0) clusters do not provide downloadable logs.

To download the logs for a single instance in a given cluster:


Select the cluster.

  1. Click the ellipsis icon (...) next to the cluster containing the mongod instance whose logs you want to download.
  2. Select Download Logs.

In the Download Logs modal, edit the following fields:


If you have not set a project time zone, the returned log data may not respect the configured date range. See View/Modify Project Settings.

Field Content
Select server Select the server in the cluster whose mongod logs you want to retrieve.
Start Time Specify the date and time in your group’s time zone defining the inclusive lower bound of log activity to return.
End Time Specify the date and time in your group’s time zone defining the inclusive upper bound of log activity to return.

Click Download Logs.

For information on reading MongoDB logs, refer to the Log Messages documentation in the MongoDB manual.