Invitations to Organizations and Projects

The Invitations tab allows you to view and accept pending invitations to Atlas Organizations and Projects.

View Pending Invitations


In the Atlas UI, click Preferences at the top of the page.


Click Invitations in the left navigation pane.

Invitation Details

Atlas displays the following information for each invitation:

Organization Name of the organization you are invited to join.
Project(s) Name of the project(s) you are invited to join, if applicable. If the invitation is for an organization, this field is blank.
Roles(s) User roles this invitation grants on the specified organization / project(s).
Sent On Time that the invitation was sent.
Expiration Date Date that the invitation expires.
Actions Button to accept the invitation.

Accept an Invitation

To accept an invitation, click Accept Invite for the corresponding invitation.

You can also accept an invitation from the email Atlas sends when you are first invited to join a project or organization.