Getting Started

Create an Atlas User Account

To get started with Atlas, create your user account and log in to Atlas. If you are an existing MongoDB Cloud Manager user, you can use your Cloud Manager credentials.


Similar to Cloud Manager, creating a user for Atlas also creates the user on If you later change the user’s password or email address in Atlas, you will also change the password or email address in

Once logged in, create an Atlas group.

Create an Atlas Group

Your group will manage your MongoDB deployments. You can give other Atlas users access to your group, allowing them to log into the group and manage your deployments.

Once you log in to Atlas, create a new Atlas group (if you are an existing Cloud Manager user, you can create a new Atlas group from Cloud Manager; for details, see As an existing MongoDB Cloud Manager account holder, how do I create a new MongoDB Atlas group?):


Enter the name of your new group.

Choose a name for your group.


Only the group’s owner can change the group name via Group Settings.

Atlas takes you to the Clusters view to create your first MongoDB cluster or deployment.


Create a cluster.

Follow the prompts to create the cluster. A MongoDB cluster can be either a replica set or a sharded cluster. For details, see Create a Cluster.

Atlas provides an option to deploy one Free Tier replica set per group. Free Tier clusters use Atlas M0 instances and are an ideal development sandbox, providing access to a subset of Atlas features and functionality. Paid clusters use Atlas M10+ instances and provide full access to Atlas features, configuration options, and operational capabilities. An Atlas group can have multiple M10+ MongoDB clusters.

The following table highlights key differences between an M0 Free Tier cluster and an M10+ paid cluster:

  Free Tier Cluster (M0 instance) Paid Cluster (M10+ instance)
Scaling No Seamless cluster scaling
Data Visualization No Atlas Data Explorer
Metrics Limited Full metrics, including the Real Time Performance Tab
VPC Peering (Amazon Web Services clusters only) No VPC Peering Connection wizard
Global Region Selection No, Free Tier clusters are deployed in a US-based AWS datacenter. Atlas supports deploying clusters globally on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure
Backups No Yes, including queryable backups
Sharding No Yes, for clusters using an M30+ instance
Dedicated Instance No, M0 Free Tier clusters run in a shared environment Yes, M10+ clusters deploy each mongod process to its own instance.

For a complete list of Free Tier limitations, see Atlas M0 (Free Tier) Limitations.

To create additional Atlas groups, click on your user name in the upper-right hand corner and select My Groups. Click the Add Group button.