Data Explorer

The Data Explorer in Atlas provides the ability to:

  • View databases, collections, and indexes in your cluster.
  • Create and drop databases, collections, and indexes.
  • Insert/edit/delete documents.
  • Create and run aggregation pipelines to process your data.

Data Explorer reads from the primary unless the primary is unavailable. If the primary is unavailable, Data Explorer reads from a non-hidden, non-delayed secondary member.

Access Data Explorer

Required Privileges

To access Data Explorer, you must have been granted access through one of the following roles:

To access the Data Explorer:

  1. Click Clusters in the top-left corner of Atlas.
  2. Click Collections for your desired cluster.

Or, if you are already viewing a specific cluster, select the Collections tab.

Manage Your Data with Data Explorer

The following pages show how you can use the Data Explorer to manage your databases, collections, indexes, documents, and data within documents:

Disable Data Explorer

Required Privileges

To enable or disable Data Explorer for a project, you must have the Project Owner role for the project or the Organization Owner role on its parent organization.

Data Explorer is enabled by default. To disable Data Explorer:


Click Settings.


Set the Data Explorer toggle to Off.

To enable Data Explorer, set the toggle to On.