Perform CRUD Operations in Atlas

The Data Explorer is Atlas' built-in tool to view and interact with your data. You can use the Data Explorer to:

Required Privileges

To access Data Explorer, you must have been granted access through one of the following roles:

To access the Data Explorer:

  1. Click Clusters in the top-left corner of Atlas.
  2. Click Collections for your desired cluster.

Or, if you are already viewing a specific cluster, select the Collections tab.

Data Explorer reads from the primary unless the primary is unavailable. If the primary is unavailable, Data Explorer reads from a non-hidden, non-delayed secondary member.

Required Privileges

To enable or disable Data Explorer for a project, you must have the Project Owner role for the project or the Organization Owner role on its parent organization.

Data Explorer is enabled by default. To disable Data Explorer:


When Data Explorer is disabled, you cannot:

To enable Data Explorer, set the toggle to On.

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