Select the MongoDB Version of the Cluster

Atlas supports creating M10+ paid tier clusters with the following MongoDB versions:

  • MongoDB 3.4
  • MongoDB 3.6
  • MongoDB 4.0
  • MongoDB 4.2

M0 Free Tier and M2/M5 shared-tier clusters only support MongoDB 4.0.

As new maintenance releases become available, Atlas automatically upgrades to these releases via a rolling process to maintain cluster availability.


Before you upgrade your cluster, refer to the current recommended best practices for major version upgrades.

To select the MongoDB version for your cluster, use the dropdown in the Additional Settings section of the cluster form:

Image showing version selection

You can upgrade an existing Atlas cluster to a newer major MongoDB version, if available, when you scale a cluster. However, you cannot downgrade a cluster’s MongoDB version.


If your project contains a custom role that uses actions introduced in a specific MongoDB version, you cannot create a cluster with a MongoDB version less than that version unless you delete the custom role.