Configure Backup Options for the Cluster

This page describes backup configuration options for your Atlas cluster.

Image showing backup selection

M2/M5 Tier Backup Options

Backups are automatically enabled for M2 and M5 shared-tier clusters and cannot be disabled. For more information, see Shared Tier Backups.

M10+ Tier Backup Options

To enable backups for an M10+ Atlas cluster, toggle Turn on Backup (M10 and up) to Yes. If enabled, Atlas takes snapshots of your databases at regular intervals and retains them according to your project’s retention policy.

Atlas provides the following backup options for M10+ clusters:

Backup Option Description
Legacy Backups

Legacy Backup Deprecated

MongoDB deprecated the Legacy Backup feature. Clusters that use Legacy Backup can continue to use it. MongoDB recommends using Cloud Backups. Effective 23 March 2020, all net new clusters can only use Cloud Backups.

Atlas takes incremental snapshots of data in your cluster and allows you to restore from stored snapshots or from a selected point in time within the last 24 hours. You can also query a legacy backup snapshot.

Each project has one backup data center location dictated by the first backup-enabled cluster created in that project. See Snapshot Storage Location for more information.

Cloud Backups Atlas takes either full copy snapshots (for Azure-backed clusters) or incremental snapshots (for AWS and GCP-backed clusters) of data in your cluster and allows you to restore from those snapshots. Atlas stores snapshots in the same cloud provider region as the replica set member targeted for snapshots.