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Serverless instances are in a preview release and do not support some Atlas features at this time.

To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

Serverless instances offer pay-per-operation pricing, meaning that you only pay for the Processing Units consumed by your database operations and storage consumed by your data and indexes. You do not need to specify a cluster size since serverless instances seamlessly scale to accommodate changes in workload traffic.

Serverless instances may be more cost effective for applications with low or intermittent traffic. To learn more about serverless instances and use cases, see Choose a Database Deployment Type.

Read Processing Unit (RPU)

Read operations to the database.

You are charged one RPU for each document read (up to 4KB) or for each index read (up to 256 bytes).

The price for each million RPUs decreases based on volume of reads in a day, starting at $0.30 per million RPUs. See Read Processing Unit Pricing for details.
Write Processing Unit (WPU)

Write operations to the database.

You are charged one WPU for each combined document and index written (up to 1KB).

$1.25 per million.
Logical document and index storage.
$0.25 per GB per month, prorated and billed per day.
Daily snapshots.
Two daily snapshots are included for free.
Restore from Backup

The time required to restore your serverless instance.


Data transfer as part of the backup and restore process is charged separately.

$2.50 per restore hour.
Data Transfer

Data transfer to and from the database.


If your data transfer costs are a significant portion of your bill, see How to Reduce Data Transfer Costs.

$0.015 per GB (preview pricing).


During the preview period, data transfer costs may be updated to account for the source and destination regions of a transfer.

The price for each million (M) RPUs depends on volume of reads that day. Prices are in cascading tiers:

0-5 M RPUs
The first 5 million RPUs in a day.
5-25 M RPUs
The next 20 million RPUs in a day.
25-75 M RPUs
The next 50 million RPUs in a day.
75+ M RPUs
All subsequent RPUs in a day.

If an application uses 31 million RPUs in a day, the price for those RPUs is $7.70.

  • $0.30/M for the first 5 million ($1.50).
  • $0.25/M for the next 20 million ($5).
  • $0.20/M for the last 6 million ($1.20).

An unexpected, significant increase in serverless instance usage could result in an expensive invoice. Use billing alerts to monitor usage.

You can pay for serverless instances with:

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On this page

  • Usage Costs
  • Read Processing Unit Pricing
  • Payment Methods