Cloud Provider Snapshots


This feature is not available for M0 (Free Tier), M2, and M5 clusters. For more information, see Atlas M0 (Free Tier), M2, and M5 Limitations.


Azure-backed clusters only.

Atlas cloud provider backup service takes full-copy snapshots of data in your cluster and allows you to restore from those stored snapshots.

Atlas only supports cloud provider snapshots on replica set clusters.

Enable Backup

You can enable backup during the cluster creation or during the modification of an existing cluster. From the cluster configuration modal, toggle Do you want to enable backup? to Yes and select the Cloud Provider Snapshots card.


The backup method that you choose when enabling backup for the first time for any cluster in a project is the only method allowed if you enable backup for other clusters in the project. For example, if you enable continuous backups for your first cluster, you may only perform continuous backups with any subsequent clusters in the project.

To change the backup method for the project, disable backups for all clusters in the project, then re-enable backups using your preferred backup methodology. Atlas deletes any stored snapshots when you disable backup for a cluster.

Consider creating a separate project for clusters where a different backup method is required.


Atlas only supports cloud provider backups for Azure-backed replica sets. A project with cloud provider backups cannot provide snapshot backups of sharded clusters or clusters backed by other cloud service providers.

Snapshot Storage Location

Atlas cloud provider snapshots are stored in the same region as the corresponding cluster. For multi-region clusters, snapshots are stored in the cluster’s preferred region.

Atlas retains these snapshots based on the retention policy.

Backup Schedule

Atlas takes the first snapshot when you enable cloud provider snapshots for a cluster, and takes subsequent snapshots of the cluster every 24 hours from that point in time.

Retention Policy

Atlas retains the last 3 snapshots for each cluster. If you disable backup for a cluster or terminate a cluster, Atlas immediately deletes the backup snapshots for the cluster.