Atlas Search


Atlas Search is available on all cluster tiers running MongoDB version 4.2 or later.

MongoDB's Atlas Search feature offers fine-grained text indexing to enable advanced search functionality without any additional management required. Atlas Search provides options for several kinds of text analyzers, score-based results ranking, and a rich query language.

To get started creating and querying an Atlas Search index, see the Atlas Search Tutorial.

Find out more about:

Analyzers control the way your Atlas Search index is constructed. You can select an analyzer to customize your index to make the best use of a particular language's vocabulary and grammar, or to create an index which is language-neutral.
Index Definition Format
You can customize your index definition to take advantage of static and dynamic field mappings.
Atlas Search Indexes
Learn how to create, edit, and delete Atlas Search indexes.
The $search Aggregation Pipeline Stage
Construct Atlas Search queries with the $search aggregation pipeline stage. Find reference pages for the $search operators with examples here.
Performance Considerations
Information about how Atlas Search affects database performance and how to monitor resource usage.
Information about how Atlas Search ranks query results.
Information about how to return highlighted search results.
Information on the query plan and execution statistics of a $search query.
Atlas Search Free and Shared Tier Limitations
Information about the Atlas Search limitations on M0, M2, and M5 shared tier clusters.
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